Our clients are part of our TransMedic family, and we are their billing and collections department. With highly personalized service, scheduled monthly meetings and unsurpassed reporting, TransMedic is committed to the highest levels of satisfaction with our clients and their client’s patients.

As a TransMedic client, you will enjoy seamless business operations through our unparalleled, value-added billing, collections, consultation and advocacy services.

  • Client funds are available within one business day of our receipt of patient payment.
  • TransMedic absorbs all credit card/bank fees resulting from the patient use of our website payment platform.
  • Our accurate and prompt calculation of deductibles and co-pays assures prompt notice to patients of any balance due.
  • Timely, detailed reporting and analytics support your ability to manage your business most effectively.
  • Our tools and reports enable TransMedic to offer comprehensive revenue cycle management while contributing to accurate and timely financial projections.
  • TransMedic provides a range of consulting services to clients, including:
    • Training and consulting services related to billing and reimbursement issues.
    • Standardized and customized reports and analysis.
    • Community paramedic and legislative issues.

Could your organization benefit from the TransMedic Solution?

Ask yourself…

  • Do you have too many patient transports to manage billing and collections effectively, but too few transports to justify a comprehensive, professional billing and collections staff?
  • Are you leaving money on the table with a billing and collections department or service that isn’t expert in medical billing services?
  • Are your billing and collections staff at the forefront of industry credentialing, legislative and payer changes?
  • Are your billing and collections departments or service expert in clinic or hospital billing, but they really don’t understand the language of emergency services?
  • Does your billing and collections system provide you with the management “intelligence” tools to continually improve your operating efficacy?